Rachel Brenke

3 ways NOT knowing Intellectual Property laws can bite your biz in the butt

It’s not IF it happens. It’s WHEN it happens. Yes. Intellectual property impacts your business daily. And others who don’t know (or don’t care) about IP laws can take away from the brand you’ve built and/or products you’ve created. I’m sure you’ve seen this in groups: Someone jacked my images and is using on their...
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5 Excuses That Can Ruin Your Photography Business

  Hey friends, Rachel Brenke from TheLawTog … and I just want to give you a quick little video about something that I have been seeing happening in a lot of Facebook groups and coming into my email inbox. It’s about the excuses that you may be making about why you’re not following through on certain...
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Now Enrolling: BizRevamp®

BizRevamp® is the ONLY legal & business webcourse for photographers! Whether you’re new, or have been in business a while – we can all use a little revamp! This course goes over the legal, biz, pricing and planning that your photography business needs.   What You’ll Learn BUSINESS FORMATION TAXES INSURANCE & RETIREMENT LEGAL DIRECTION...
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My solution to the #1 asked legal question by photographers

Photographer’s ask this question everyday. all day. multiple times a day.  In our group. In our email inbox. In social media DMs. … and you just might be asking the same thing! “How can I protect my images from someone stealing them or using without my permission?” Protecting intellectual property is a real and serious...
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X used my images without asking, now what?

X used my images without asking, now what? In our large, but totally awesome, Facebook community – this is the #1 question that we get repeatedly.  Why? Unfortunately, it’s because people don’t give a damn about respecting others intellectual property.  Whether it is images, logos, name it.   Now yes, I understand that many simply...
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Now Available: Copyright Infringement Kit for Photographers

  Someone stole your images, now what?! Stop! Breathe! No rushing to blast anyone on the internet, or sending a take down notice.  Take your steps and make sure you have a properly drafted letter and settlement agreement ready.  Snag TheLawTog’s now available Copyright Infringement Kit for Photographers. Protecting intellectual property is a real and...
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Simplifying the contract process for photographers with Picr

Simplifying the contract process for photographers   I’m excited to introduce y’all to Picr, an online photography management system. There are a few things I wanted to highlight about how Picr streamlines and simplifies managing your photography business. But first, watch this video about Picr … Contract signing and invoicing in Picr Upload your existing...
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5 Reasons your photo biz needs to be an LLC

Running a photography business can be overwhelming, scary, and down-right frustrating sometimes. The goal here, at TheLawTog, is to help you protect yourself so you don’t have to be sucked into frightening and resource-sucking issues. One of the biggest ways you can protect your photography business, and yourself personally, is through the formation of your...
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TLT LIVE1: Independent Contractors, Employees and my recommendations!

Independent Contractors, Employees and my recommendations! Gusto is a great tool for payments and tracking (use link for $100 off) — Documents for Photographers — Documents for Non-Photographers —  
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5 Things Small Biz Owners Can Learn From Hurricane Harvey

The devastation that Hurricane Harvey has left on south Texas has not gone unnoticed in the eyes and hearts of everyone.   Along with the fires on the west coast, and now Irma hitting Florida. It particularly has hurt small business owners, many of whom no longer have their business.  In the blink of an...
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Review: FotoStrap

This review is on Fotostrap’s personalized camera strap.  This is not a paid advertisement, however, they did send me the strap to test out.  My review is fully honest and is not swayed by the receipt of this item, as you’ll see below.     From the product description section on the FotoStrap website:  Vintage...
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Are you killing it in your photography business?

It’s such a bummer to see so many photographers killing it with camera skills, but then (bad) killing it with lack of business skills.  They are bad-killing it by falling into this “it’ll never happen to me” mentality. This sentiment is shared almost daily in our online community and through legal inquiries.  There is this...
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Free photography contract

Want to download a free photography contract that works for your business? Instant download. Lawyer-drafted. Go here.
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Website legalities & your photography website

Having an online presence in this technology-driven age is crucial to the success of your photography business.  Sure, there are people who are making it without one. There are some who never blog but have a plethora of clients.  This isn’t always the norm. A website/blog is your virtual business card to be used to...
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Photographers, stop talking smack about your clients online

This article is a long time coming.  There’s not one event that spurred it.  It is a culmination of myself and the team seeing it in Facebook groups.  From getting frantic calls at the firm that a photographer needs help because there is a client upset.   Bottom line. If we didn’t talk sh*t about...
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Reasons Why We Don’t Recommend LegalZoom, IncFile & Others…

Going to one of these “get your legal stuff done quick” websites probably sounds great, huh?  We truly believe that when you invest in something people want “quick, cheap and easy” but you can’t really get all three and it be worth anything…especially for legal.    #1 Disclaims Responsibility Many of these sites disclaim responsibility for...
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The 2 faces of running a photography business

Positive and negative. Two sides of a coin.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There are dichotomies all over life.  Running a photography business is no different when you’re trying to maintain the daily structure of business (you know that mundane boring accounting, contracts, marketing and other stuff?) while also being pulled to the photographic creative...
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