Announcing: Australian Photography Contracts and Legal Consultant

TheLawTog -the legal resource for photographers- has primarily been focused and based on United States of America law..until now! We are pleased to introduce Anna Blanch Rabe as our International Photography Contracts and Legal Consultant. 

Anna has expertise and knowledge for a variety of country’s laws.  Originally an Australian attorney, she now has expansive insight into intricacies impacting business owners in the United States and Canada. 

She is an Australian-born photographer and lawyer with a law degree from The Australian National University and a masters degree from Baylor University.  She has been published in a range of academic and popular publications, from Military Kids Life, Scrapbooking magazine and Peppercorn magazine to Military One Click, NextGen Milspouse, Englewood Review of Books, Huffington Post and Immerse Journal. She has spoken at a range of conferences and Festivals including MLA, CCL, AVSA, BAVSA, Greenbelt, and CNMAC, and for organizations including Rotary, Lions, and In Gear Career. 

We are so excited to have Anna and all that we will soon be offering to international photographers!

Yes, we will have Australian contracts and guides soon. We do not have a timeline but will announce soon!

Australian Photography Contracts


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