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Owner of TheLawTog

Meet Rachel Brenke

As a lawyer, photographer and business consultant for photographers, Rachel Brenke helps creative industry professionals all over the world initiate, strategize and implement strategic business and marketing plans through various mediums of consulting resources and legal direction.

  • Licensed in Texas, Virginia and the Supreme Court of the United States
  • Military Spouse JD Network Member
  • Managing Partner of Connors and Brenke – Attorneys at Law
  • Appearances in Federal and State Courts
  • Extensive experience in contract drafting
  • Host of #6 iTunes Podcast – The Business Bites
  • Author of 7 books

An Entire Team.

With professionals in the areas of law, taxes, financial planning and more!

Meet Pam.

Executive Assistant

Let’s be real about who the boss is. Pam.  As executive assistant, she manages the entire TheLawTog team, including TheLawTog herself.  As a long-time team member, Pam has intimate knowledge of the resources available and forgets nothing. Got that? She forgets nothing. (Pro tip: Don’t cross her ???? )

Anna Rabe - TheLawTog

Meet Anna.

International Expert

As our international legal consultant, Anna has expertise and knowledge for a variety of country’s laws.  Originally an Australian attorney, she now has expansive insight into intricacies impacting business owners in also the United States and Canada.

Meet Katrina.

Customer Happiness

As head of Customer Happiness, Katrina works diligently to ensure everyone has received their orders, found the resources they need and will give a hug if needed! If you have a question about anything on TheLawTog, she’s your gal!

Meet Chris.

Technological Genius

Chris is the technical genius behind all of TheLawTog products, services and resources.  If you see something awesome on the site, it is totally his doing. If you see something broken, that is because Rachel didn’t listen and started pressing buttons!

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While TheLawTog is primarily based on United States principles – we do have resources for foreign jurisdictions. Unless marked by a specific location, the basis will be United States Law.  Remember, while Rachel Brenke is a lawyer, she is not your lawyer. TheLawTog itself is not a law firm and is for educational perusing only.