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TheLawTog attorney prevails against AirBnB in copyright infringement negotiations

Recently, Rachel Brenke, head of TheLawTog® and owner at Connors and Brenke, took on corporate giant, Airbnb, and obtained a very favorable settlement in a large copyright infringement dispute on behalf of international photographer Jiayi Wang.  Not only is this a win for Wang, but this is a win against corporations who believe they can...
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Now Available: Copyright Infringement Kit for Photographers

  Someone stole your images, now what?! Stop! Breathe! No rushing to blast anyone on the internet, or sending a take down notice.  Take your steps and make sure you have a properly drafted letter and settlement agreement ready.  Snag TheLawTog’s now available Copyright Infringement Kit for Photographers. Protecting intellectual property is a real and...
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What to do if someone violates your images: Copyright infringement for photographers

This article is a great place to learn about Copyright Infringement for Photographers.   It happens – A friend or client excitedly sends you a link to a page where they’ve seen one of your images or a copy of a magazine in which your work has been published in all its glossy glory. Maybe someone...
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Is a Pinterest inspiration board photography copyright infringement?

You’re hammering away at your client workflow and planning the session with your client.  It is going to be killer.  Awesome location.  Capable and fantastic hair and makeup artist. But it all comes to a screeching halt when it is time to have your clients visually show their vision of the session.  You wonder to...
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How to send a DMCA to remove photography copyright infringement

In today’s world images are posted, downloaded, pinned, saved, and re-shared from all corners of the globe.  With this ability to find and use content at a mass level, it is no surprise that copyright issues have become prevalent.  In order to keep up with the complexities of growing technology, the law has responded with...
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If I imitate a photography session is that copyright infringement?

I came across a great location and gained permission from the property owner to use it.  A well-known photographer has used that location for a few years.  I have had a wooden swing and this location is the perfect place to put it up and use it.  This same photographer also uses a wooden swing...
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3 reasons to sell your copyright

  I read it on the internet, so it’s got to be true, right?  WRONG.  Photographers have been told over and over to never sell copyright to their photos.  But why?  Because so and so said so.  No one ever seems to actually have a good reason for refusing to sell copyright.    But, I’m about...
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Does the Bernie Sanders meme violate copyright law? | Copyright law for photographers

We’ve all seen the photo. Some of us even made some of these memes for personal and business use. The big question in the photography community today – does creating a meme with the Bernie Sanders sitting cut out violate copyright law? An Internet Meme is in legal terms, a derivative work, and usually copyright owner is...
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Why copyright transfer is recommended for commercial photography

Commercial copyright transfer is greatly common, especially when the resulting photographs are especially specific to brand and/or photographs including people that are prominent in the brand (headshots, influencer shots, etc.) Now, before we get into this, here are some quick options that are typical in commercial photography rights management: Photographer retains copyright and simply licenses...
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Third-Party Infringement Pursuance

The Third-Party Infringement Pursuance clause is a statement in a legal contract that provides protection for the Client if a third-party infringes upon the photographs.  Typically, used in commercial photography when there is great brand-value to the photographs and copyright remains with Photographer. Notification of actual or suspected infringement of Photographs Photographer responsibility to pursue...
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September 9, 2020

Copyright FAQS every photographer must know

Copyright is a largely misunderstood and  important area of the law for photographers. Not only do we have protections in our logos and our own marketing assets, but we’re also selling (licensing or copyright transferring) photographs as our product. It is time we STAND up for ourselves. IF WE DON’T, WHO WILL?   Do I own...
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Top 10 copyright tips for protecting your photography business

We have our Top 10 copyright tips for protecting your photography business! One of the best investments of time and energy you can make as a photographer is to understand copyright and how you as the owner of a photography business can interact effectively with the law and protect your images and other intellectual property...
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How to add copyright information to your images in Lightroom

Lightroom is one of my biggest loves because of the ease of use. Truly so much is at your fingertips without having to recreate the wheel each time. I wanted to take you through a quick tutorial on how to add copyright data to your images and save the preset so that on import your...
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Copyright Considerations for UK Members. How to Register Copyright in the UK.

Under UK copyright law, “copyright” means the “sole right to produce or reproduce the work.” It includes the sole right to do the following, or to authorize others to do the following, with works you hold copyright in: copying your work distributing copies of it, whether free of charge or for sale renting or lending...
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How to Register Copyright in Canada

Canadian photographers are just as concerned as photographers of any other country about how to protect their copyright. This article will discuss copyright considerations for Canadian photographers and specifically why you might formally register your copyright in an image under Canadian law. Copyright under Canadian law is detailed in the Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c....
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Does my website need a copyright notice?

You’ve seen them in the footers, sidebars, and maybe even in blog posts.  Copyright notices are published in a variety of manners, such as TheLawTog Copyright 2014-2017 or TheLawTog © 2017 or 2017 © TheLawTog.  Even where they are placed varies depending on the site you visit. But what is legal?  Do we have to...
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Legalities of photo restoration services – Is it a copyright violation?

  Your client brought you an old, water-damaged photo of her Great-Grandma Mabel that she found in her mom’s attic.  She wants you to restore the photo.  But, is it legal?  Is it a copyright violation?  These are questions you should ask before you agree to restore any pictures. Copyright law is a confusing area...
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Do Memes Violate Copyright Law?

Oh meme… Besides the fact there seems to be no consistent way to say the word (is it ME-ME or may-may?) Anyways, an Internet Meme is in legal terms, a derivative work, and usually copyright owner is the only party with the legal right to create a derivative work.  There is a main work, often a photograph...
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A photographer’s quick guide to photography copyright law

The unauthorized use, reproduction, or amendment of photographs…copyright infringement happens all the time, simply because many don’t understand what and how copyright infringement works. Copyright infringement is the use of photographs protected by copyright laws without permission of the copyright owner. Understanding what copyright is and the registration process is important to photography business owners to...
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