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Sales tax, insurance, business licenses oh my!

    Q. Are a business license and a retail license the same thing? Other local photographers say to have a license for each city/county you live in, but I’m not really sure how this works. Thank you!   A. This is such a tricky answer generally because different jurisdictions use different terminology when they mean...
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Layers of Protection: How to set up a legal photography business

You’re busy, your business is booming, it’s rocking and rolling and hopefully, you have money coming in or else there’s a plan for that money to come in. You’re acting like you’re in business, but you get this creeping feeling that something might happen, and you will wake from this entrepreneurial dream. You don’t want...
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Photography Contracts 101: Business Bites® Podcast Roundup

Whether you’re a new photographer or seasoned professional one of the most beneficial items you can use to protect your business is a strong, legally binding photography contract. Join Rachel in this month’s photography contract Business Bites® Podcast roundup to learn the essential photography contract tips for your business. Layers of Protection 9:55 minutes Your...
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Client Requests & Legally Protecting Your Photography Business

Don’t set your photography business on fire trying to bend over backwards for clients. As we have seen in the last few weeks when a gender reveal party resulted in a horrific and damaging fire in California, photographers are scared. And I get it. Events can occur, and you don’t want to be liable for your...
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Layers of Protection – Business Bites Podcast® Episode

    What’s in this Episode:Your photography business needs layers to protect you and your business from liability.  In this episode Rachel will cover the legal trifecta: photography contracts, liability insurance and business formation needed to keep your business running smoothly. What you will learn: Why protecting your business in layers is pivotal The items that form...
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As Seen: The Photo Opp Podcast + Rachel Brenke – Ensuring Stability in Your Photography Business

Megan Breukelman recently invited Rachel on her podcast, The Photo Opp Podcast. They talked about issues photographers face in their businesses and especially are facing now amid the COVID-19 crisis.   “The number one problem in legal issues that photographers face is lack of communication or miscommunication with clients.” Rachel Brenke   Key points to...
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COVID-19 and Your Photography Business

FOR A MORE IN-DEPTH LOOK PLEASE LISTEN TO MY PODCAST HERE. With all the news today about the coronavirus (COVID-19), more and more questions are arising about how it will affect our photography businesses and how we can contractually protect ourselves. This article, which we will strive to keep updated as circumstances change, evaluates how...
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3 Risks every photographer faces on the job: How photography insurance can work for you

As a photographer, you have the creative freedom to capture precious moments for your clients and meet new people along the way. While you have a say on the camera equipment being used, props, and lighting, there are some things that are completely out of your control. Whether you take on short-term events or you...
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4 Preventative measures you can take to legally protect your photography business

We’re talking preventative measures to legally protect your photography business!  An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Someone said that. We think they are onto something. Your business is important to you. It might even be your livelihood and help you put food on the table and a roof over your...
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Top 7 tips for protecting your photography business

You’re creating a photography business you are proud of, but you want to make sure that as it grows your business is protected! We are right there with you.   Without further ado, here are 7 tutorials to help you protect your photography business: Is your photography business prepared for the unexpected? 6 Insurance types...
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Top 10 products from TheLawTog® for your photography business

Goodness there are so many things I need to know! – You. Yes, I know. That’s what we’re here for you. – TheLawTog Team But seriously y’all – we GET it! It’s so hard figuring what to do for legalities in business + the strategic and efficient way to invest your financial resources. Now, I...
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5 Excuses That Can Ruin Your Photography Business

  Hey friends, Rachel Brenke from TheLawTog … and I just want to give you a quick little video about something that I have been seeing happening in a lot of Facebook groups and coming into my email inbox. It’s about the excuses that you may be making about why you’re not following through on certain...
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What is GDPR & how does it affect your photography business?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new data protection law that will take effect on May 25, 2018 in all 28 European Union (EU) countries. So how does this impact your photography business based in the US or elsewhere outside of the EU? These important changes may impact the services you use to collect...
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Are you killing it in your photography business?

It’s such a bummer to see so many photographers killing it with camera skills, but then (bad) killing it with lack of business skills.  They are bad-killing it by falling into this “it’ll never happen to me” mentality. This sentiment is shared almost daily in our online community and through legal inquiries.  There is this...
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RELOCATEit – A Relocation Guide for Moving Your Photography Business

Setting up your business with the proper knowledge of legalities and strategic choices is of real importance to the relocation of your photography business. There's tons of recommendations and half-information out there that can lead you astray.  Here at TheLawTog® we work with clients in our private legal practices consistently - whether helping them set up...
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March 14, 2017

The Consumer Review Fairness Act and Your Photography Business

Over the last few years, businesses have taken their awareness of the weight potential clients and customers place on reviews to codify contractually that if a customer publishes a negative review then they are subject to a penalty- anywhere on a spectrum from a small “fee,” to legal action and punitive damages. Stories like a...
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Should my photography business be an LLC?

You’ve got mad skills with your camera and you’re ready to start your own photography business. How hard can it be?  Just start charging a fee for pictures right?  Not so fast.  The formation of a business has liability and tax consequences that continue for years to come.  It pays to be thoughtful about your...
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7 Ways to love your photography business

When we get around Valentine’s Day everyone is thinking about love, flowers, and candy! But we often forget a very special aspect in our life that needs some love too.  Our businesses.   It’s no coincidence that Valentine’s is smack in the middle of the second month of the year.  It’s given you enough time to...
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6 Insurance types photographers need

When you spend your time, money and energy into building a business – you need to make sure that you are protecting what you’ve built. While it may be super exciting and sexy to invest in marketing, equipment or props, protection should not be overlooked. Even though you may have the right contracts and business...
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Almost-Year-End Photography Business Checklist

Back-to-school is here for many.   For parent/business owners we are sad to see them go but are heaving a sigh of secret relief that we can catch back up with our business affairs. You are not alone, Forbes released a statistic this year that over 52% of small businesses are home-based. So that means there is...
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