5 Tips for Better Lead Generation

5 Tips for Better Lead Generation

Lead generation should be something every photographer is testing on a regular basis. For example, a popup on your website is something that you might have to see. But trust me, they work.

What kind of popup is ideal, though? Let’s dive into that with 5 tips for better lead generation.


Test Everything

The answer to the above question depends on your site visitors and clients. For example, a slide up from the bottom right might work better on your audience.

Or maybe a FOMO is better popping up at the top left sharing when someone books you.

Maybe a bottom bar or top bar works best, or maybe your visitors aren’t turned off by a centered popup.

The only way to know is to test, test, test, test… test.


Beyond Email

Go beyond email leads, by testing Facebook leads through a Messenger bot, using ManyChat.  Or try using a push notification system like to directly ping people’s phones.

Using alternative methods are a great way to stand out as a photographer.

But be cautious as to not overdo it. You don’t want to disrupt people’s lives too much by annoying them on their phones.


Split Test

When you’re testing your lead generation efforts, split test everything. Using a lead generation tool like OptinMonster, you can do unlimited split tests of colors, graphics, copy and more. You can even test what triggers the popup.

Using a free tool like Google Optimize, you can split test everything on your site, including where a button is, all using a drag and drop system.

Don’t do too many tests at once though. Otherwise, you won’t know what’s driving lead generation the best.


Offer Something

Lead generation is getting harder these days because more and more people are learning about what to do, and excelling at it. To stand out you need to offer something of immense value to the potential lead.

These are called lead magnets or freebies.

Create something educational, entertaining, and 100% beautiful. Offer that product, free for, in exchange for whatever you’re gathering.


Ask for Little

When trying to generate leads, the initial reaction might be to ask for a name, phone number, email address and potentially a bunch of other information.

But in reality, you’ll generate more leads by asking for less. Name and email will do. Unless you want to call every lead, then a phone number would be great of course.

Less is more – meaning asking for less will generate more leads. Sounds funny, but it’s true.


Keep Going!

If you’d like to keep going I recommend checking out my lead generation course, More Leads More Clients where I walk through a strategic method to generating many leads every week. Join the thousands of other photographers already learning, and make your website and lead generation efforts shine above the rest.

Written by Scott Wyden Kivowitz
A Storyteller with a Camera


5 Tips for Better Lead Generation


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