3 Quick Tips for Valentine’s Boudoir Marketing

Valentines Marketing for Boudoir Photographers

If you want boudoir shoots for Valentine’s Day, the time to start marketing is now!

Valentine’s Day is one of the most profitable holiday bookings of the year for boudoir; women are thinking about romantic ways to surprise their men! According to Google trends, searching the term “Boudoir” spikes in January and February. If you want more bookings this year, you need to be marketing your studio and specials so women will see your studio in their Google search!



Here are 3 Steps to get you started:

1) Know Your V-Day Goal

In order to be successful this Valentine’s day, you need to know what success means to you. Is it to increase sales by X%? Is it to double the number of bookings, or sell more of your larger collection? Do you want new clients? Step one is simply knowing what you’re trying to accomplish.



2) Devise a Planv-day boudoir

Once you know your goal, you need to write out actionable steps to get there. Here are tips to consider:

  • Set dates for your V-Day marketing; break down your larger  goals into weekly or daily “mini” goals
    Note: When is the last day you can place orders to get them in before V-day?
  • List all of the social media pages you will use to host your campaign and when you will post on them
  • If you’re running a sale, calculate how many you need to sell to reach your goal
    Note: When creating a sale, you need to keep a tangible goal in mind!
  • Can you network with a similar business and cross-advertise V-day promotions on FB pages and newsletters?
  • Are there any events you can donate gift bags/cards to where your ideal client will be?


3) Implement the Plan

This is the time to schedule/deliver your V-day marketing. Another huge tip – keep it consistent and keep it coming! You can’t schedule one post and expect to get all your bookings from it. You need to be posting and advertising your studio/sale multiple times. Send an email newsletter and then a reminder email, use Facebook, your website, referral cards, networking promos, and keep the momentum up through Valentine’s Day.

Think about your ideal client. Why would she want to do a boudoir shoot for Valentine’s Day? You need to center your marketing strategies around appealing to this specific person. This means appealing to her visually, with your sale, and also promoting your studio where she will see it. (When is your client on FB? Where does she shop? What perks at her photo shoot would attract her?)

Here are some tips for your social media V-Day ad:

  • Use short, easy steps to book
  • End with a call to action
  • Include book by date/deadline for orders
  • Include contact info
  • Explain why this is a good V-day present
  • Optional: Sale or gift with purchase

To help you get started, I’m sharing my Valentines Day Marketing Template for FREE! This won’t be available for long, so go grab it now! Plus, you’ll get on the list to be the first to know when Boudoir Marketing Camp is open! You’ll also get exclusive boudoir marketing strategies along the way 🙂

Boudoir Marketing Camp is perfect if you’re looking for more step by step assistance in creating and implementing marketing strategies for your Boudoir Photography Business. You’ll learn all about your ideal client, marketing with very little to no money, how to rock inquiries with email and phone scripts, building a website that attracts boudoir clients (even if you do not specialize in boudoir,) blogging to bring in clients, referrals, networking, and so much more!


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